Six Series Workshop Recordings

Six Series Workshop Recordings

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Location: Online Webinar
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Introduction to Contemporary ABA & Autism

This educational session teaches basic information about Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and why ABA-based autism treatments are the most effective and scientifically validated treatment approach for children and youth with autism spectrum disorders.

Social Referencing & Joint Attention

Two key, related skills that children normally acquire early in their development are social referencing and joint attention. These skills are thought to be especially important for children to efficiently learn from the people and events in their environment. Children on the autism spectrum usually show significant deficits in these areas, and so intervention to address these skill deficits is very important. This workshop will define and explain what social referencing and joint attention are, elaborate on their importance, and provide guidance, with examples, on how these skills are taught to children with autism using behaviour analytic methods within the context of a verbal behaviour program

Pairing & Manding

This educational session teaches the importance of pairing preferred items and activities with the parent or interventionists to make the adult a “conditioned reinforcer”. This increases the likelihood of cooperation with instructions, which leads to more efficient teaching/learning opportunities.
Participants are also taught the importance of teaching the child to make requests for things the child wants. This is “manding” and participants are supported in understanding how manding can be accomplished through voice, sign or picture exchange.

Intensive Teaching

Participants are taught that in a Verbal Behaviour program, discrete trial teaching is called Intensive Teaching and it is an empirically proven technique known to teach specific skills and behaviours to children with autism spectrum disorders. It is important for participants to gain understanding and participate in hands-on practice of Intensive teaching so they are able to facilitate generalization of the taught skills

Natural Environment Teaching

This session shows participants that teaching can permeate every activity and that they can support the child’s learning by following the child’s lead using activities in the child’s daily life to encourage the use of language targets and other skills taught explicitly. Each child has particular interests and motivation, and participants are shown how to use the child’s motivation for some preferred activities and reinforcers to encourage learning and practice of referencing, communication, play and social skills. A NET lesson plan will be developed and discussed by the participants.

Dealing With Problem Behaviour

This workshop teaches parents, Behaviour Interventionists (BIs), and school teams about the dynamics of problem behaviour and the different functions of challenging behaviour(s) and discusses the steps required to develop support plans that are likely to be effective. A variety of video examples and scenario questions will be used throughout the presentation.

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