Summer Jamboree



Camp Hours: TBD

Camp Location: TBD

Weekly Cost: TBD

Child Participants Age: 6 – 12 years old


The Ratio for our program is MAXIMUM 4 kids:1 staff

Available Days in 2021 (Tuesday to Thursday):


Waitlist now open for Summer 2022

This year we are happy to offer a centre based camp for Children on the spectrum to gain experiences and engage in opportunities in a range of Social skills. The Camp is run by certified BCBAs/BCaBA and all other camp leaders have extensive experience in ABA, Verbal Behaviour and working with children with Autism. Children will come to our centre and participate in several indoor and outdoor games, crafts and short outings in the Burnaby community. Children provide their own lunches.
Skills targeted Parents and caregivers please provide the children with lunches and snacks for each day of the program.

Skills targeted during a day of camp:

  • Conversations – both initiating and maintaining conversation on both preferred and non-preferred topics
  • Referencing and Joint Attention
  • Team decisions and how to work in a team
  • Body language and facial expressions and how to read others
  • Fine motor and gross motor skill

Prerequisite skills for camp:

  • Child is toilet trained
  • Child has independent dressing skills (including swimwear)
  • Child can participate in a conversation
  • Child can tolerate crowds
  • Child can wait appropriately for at least 10 minutes
  • No significant problem behaviours or safety concerns (bolting/flight risk/aggressive verbal or physical behaviour/self harming behaviour).
  • Please note that we cannot accept children that require 1 to 1 support

***This is not a behaviour intervention program, as its main focus is social skills development and fun.  Group placement is determined by clinicians at the intake appointment and acceptance into the program is not guaranteed.

For more information please contact Joseph Carpenter at or Call 604-232-4122.

***The pre-interview is for new families to ensure the child is a good fit for the camp ***