Positive Behaviour Support

Individuals with autism and developmental disabilities often engage in challenging problem behaviour (e.g., physical aggression, negative vocalizations, noncompliance, self-injurious behaviour).  This is often a major source of stress for caregivers.  Unfortunately, problem behaviour is unlikely to decrease on its own and can lead to the diminished well-being of children, families, and care providers.  For example, problem behaviour can lead to the restriction or elimination of a child’s educational, social, and community participation.  It can also contribute to a family’s social isolation by disrupting daily valued routines.  Clearly, there is a need for families to have access to comprehensive support that is individualized to the issues that arise in their day-to-day lives.


Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a highly effective approach for addressing the values, perspectives, and preferences of those receiving support while also improving quality of life and minimizing problem behaviour.  Through comprehensive assessments, we identify the communicative function of the problem behaviour, and collaboratively build the structure of the solution within identified target routines.  Throughout the process, implementation support is provided as well as ongoing evaluation and plan improvement.


Here at ABA Learning Centre, through our PBS program, we seek to form and sustain collaborative partnerships with all members of the team (family, school, community) in order to design effective and contextually appropriate interventions that are socially valid for all members.  This process encourages sensitivity to the goals, needs, and concerns of all.


Please download and fill out this PBS Intake Form .  Send the filled document to joseph@abacentre.ca.