Our Mission

It is the mission of ABA Learning Centre to provide a wide range of exemplary services to families of children and youth with autism spectrum disorders and other complex developmental disabilities. Professionals at ABA Learning Centre are dedicated to providing quality services based on procedures validated in the scientific literature.


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the foundation of intervention. Treatment programs are designed to each child’s developmental needs to help the child reach his/her full potential.

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The mission will be accomplished by:

  • Providing high quality, effective intervention programs including intensive behaviour intervention, social skills and play groups and 1 to 1 direct instruction in academic skill development.

  • Providing training for professionals in the delivery of these services.

  • Providing information and education for parents to help them gain understanding of the implications of an autism spectrum disorder or other developmental disabilities for their child and family.


The staff of ABA Learning Centre are skilled professionals who work together to support families by providing services to address their unique needs. Our professionals are committed to the following philosophy:

  • All children are unique and all children can learn.

  • Children have a right to effective intervention but also to efficient intervention.

  • Children have a right to intervention that is based on science and that has been shown to be effective through scientific study.

  • Families have the right to receive services individually tailored to the unique needs of the children and their family as a whole.

  • Families are the constant in the child’s life and their opinions and participation in their child’s intervention are essential and valued.


At ABA Learning Centre our treatment and instructional recommendations are guided by B.F. Skinner’s Analysis of Verbal Behavior and the supporting empirical literature because we believe that functional communication is the foundation that supports the development of all skills and social interactions.

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