Social Skills Groups

Challenges with social interactions is one of the core deficits of autism and ABA learning centre offers a variety of social skill groups to help teenagers overcome this challenge. Through the use of resources developed by Michelle Garcia Winner, Carol Grey, Tony Attwood, Kari Dunn-Buron and others we work to teach social skills in a fun, interactive environment.

Participants learn how to read social cues that they will encounter at scholl or during extra-curricular activities, which will help them to engage with their peers. We also discuss and act out common social situations so that teenagers can learn to have the appropriate reaction based on the situation they are in. Peer relationships are encouraged; participants learn information about others in the group and strategies for how to start, maintain and end a conversation are taught and practiced with the group. By developing the above skills and many others we strive to help teens be successful in social situations in their everyday activities. All of these skills are taught using effective teaching strategies and the analysis of verbal behavior.

ABA Learning Centre Offers:

  • Social skills groups with same age peers (ASD and typical)
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy – group and individual sessions
  • GRASP – acting group for adolescents