What will the family receive after the ABLLS-R, VB-MAPP, or ESDM assessment has been completed?

For children under the age of six years old, upon completion of the assessment parents will be provided with the testing protocol (record booklet) containing criterion – referenced information regarding the child’s current skills, and the Behavior Plan of Intervention (BPI) developed by the Program Manager or Program Supervisor who has been assigned to work with the child. The BPI lists educational objectives based on the assessment of the learner’s current level of abilities. The plan contains current information of each objective, explanation of the teaching procedures, materials that are required to implement the program, and mastery criteria. A BPI is usually a plan for the first six months of the child’s program but, should the child be a rapid learner, the plan may be revised monthly at the regular team meeting. The rate at which the BPI is adapted and continued to be developed will depend on a child’s learning level. For example if a child masters skills quickly, then his or her BPI will be updated and changed more frequently than a child who may take longer to master the skills. BPI’s are usually completed within 4 – 5 weeks of a program beginning; however, the more available a family is for the Program Manager Program Supervisor to meet with the child, the faster the BPI will be completed. Assessments to update the programs for a child are planned and are an integral part of the monthly services. Typically, an ABLLS-R or VB-MAPP will be updated at a minimum, annually. You will be provided graphs which illustrate the mastery of objectives with each update.

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