How long will it take before my child will speak/use the potty/stop throwing tantrums?

No professional can or should give you absolute guarantees about any aspect of your child’s development or behaviour. We will use the science of ABA to collect data which informs our decisions and to select techniques and strategies to assist you child in acquiring effective behaviours and skills for independence. We will use the regular team meetings as a time to share information, raise questions and concerns, and plan intervention strategies. You can expect your child to show progress in the areas of his/her goals over time and we will monitor the progress with regular data collection. Our aim is to help your child to realize his or her full potential, and find ways to interact with, and thrive in, the world.

We do encourage parents to make functional life skills a high priority. It is very important that children are toilet trained, can feed themselves and can put on jackets and shoes before they enroll in schooling. So, depending on your child’s age, these should be made the priority objectives (at 4 years of age minimum). Tantrums are “normal” for many two year olds and four year olds without autism so it is important for your PM to do functional assessments to determine appropriate interventions to eliminate tantrums that may be the result of communication, frustration, “control”, etc. and you may be asked to actively participate in providing supports and consequences when the issue of tantrums is being addressed.

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