How long is your waiting list?

We attempt to provide service to everyone in a fair and timely fashion, but “first-come, first served” cannot always be implemented. Your child is an individual and your family and circumstances will not be the same as anyone else’s. It is our job to put together a team who will work well within your family dynamic, your goals for your child, your child’s needs and temperament and your budget. We have staff members serving the needs of families all over the lower mainland.  How long you wait for service depends on if we have a Program Manager working in your area and if they have enough room in their caseload to fully serve your child’s needs. We understand that the rules and regulations surrounding your funding make it difficult to wait, however the needs of your child are paramount, and we will not do anything less than our best for your child.

Once you have met with ABA LC’s intake team, met your Behaviour Consultant and signed your contract with ABA LC, the average time to implementation of a program is around 4-6 weeks depending on: the completion of the ABLLS-R, VB-MAPP or ESDM assessment; the number of programs required to address the objectives for your child; and the hiring and training of BIs (behaviour interventionists).

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