How does your fee structure work?

If you are participating in a home program, the team that would be assisting you from ABA Learning Centre would work with you to find times for sessions that work with both your and the schedule of the Program Manager or Program Supervisor. The charge for our Program Managers, Program Supervisors and Student Program Supervision is based on an hourly rate. This rate varies from $70/hr to $150/hr, depending on the qualifications and experience of each individual.

We attempt to place PM/PS within specific geographic regions to reduce the time spent traveling. If your home is more than 30 km from the office of ABA LC or from the location of the home of the PM/PS, there may be an additional charge to cover travel expenses. If you, and your BIs are able to attend team meetings at the Richmond office, it does eliminate the need to charge for any travel time for the PM/PS.

If you are participating in a centre-based program you would have a flat monthly rate for services that would vary depending on the program that your child would be participating in. Ultimately, our goal is to work with you to keep program management fees as low as possible in order to maximize individual therapy hours while maintaining the quality and integrity of the program.

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