Applying for services from ABA LC

If you wish to apply to ABA LC for your child, please complete the intake form on at  and forward it to Joseph Carpenter at or by fax to 604-232-9515. By filling out the intake application you are NOT under any obligation to use services from ABA Learning Centre. The intake application gives us some basic information about your child, their learning levels, your goals for them and your geographical area so that we can match you up with an appropriate Program Manager. The intake application will also give us some context and insight into your child so that we can discuss the appropriate programs that we would be able to offer. Any information submitted is kept confidential. Your intake application will be reviewed within three business days and you will be notified if there is an ABA LC Program Manager in your area who has room on their caseload, and their availability to meet with you. When you have submitted your intake application with ABA Learning Centre, you will book an intake meeting, a free information session. You will be meeting a representative from ABA Learning Centre and the Program Manager that would potentially be working with your child. At the time of the intake meeting we will discuss the fees associated with the program that you choose is the best fit for your child.

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