How and where are the ABLLS-R, VB-MAPP, or ESDM assessments conducted?

The assessments are conducted by a qualified Program Manager or a Program Supervisor, who has been assigned by the ABA Learning Centre to work with the child. The assessments are conducted at the ABA LC Clinic in Richmond or at the child’s home with the caregivers present. The location will depend on the kind of program you are receiving from ABA Learning Centre. The parents can choose to be present at the time of testing. The assessments involve direct observation of the child’s skills, thus it is important to first establish rapport with the learner. ABA Learning Centre provides a child-friendly environment and if your assessment is to take place at our centre, the rooms in which the assessor will work with the child are spacious, bright, colourful and contain numerous toys, board games, books and videos which the child is free to explore during testing. The PM/PS will evaluate the child’s skill level using both academic materials and various toys and games in which the child shows high interest. Skills are examined at the table by giving specific instruction and also by more natural method, such as structured and purposeful play.

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