Does ABA Learning Centre provide Behaviour Interventionists?

Though ABA Learning Centre does have Behaviour Interventionists (BIs) we cannot guarantee that we would have one available to work in your home. For home programs we are able to see if we have a BI that works in your geographical area who has time in their caseload when you are requesting sessions but we cannot guarantee that we will have someone available. If we do not have someone available and you would still like to contract services through ABA Learning Centre for placement of a BI then we will have to advertise and hire someone specifically for your family. If we have to hire a BI we cannot guarantee the timeframe in which someone is hired, trained and ready to work with your child. Interventionists associated with ABA LC have the benefit not only of ongoing supervision and training for your child’s program, but also have access to regular training opportunities at ABA LC. What you will pay for your interventionist through ABA LC will reflect the interventionist’s training, experience and abilities. ABA LC maintains a criminal record check for all employed BIs.

ABA Learning Centre actually recommends that families hire private BIs to work with their children if they are running services from home. The reason for this is because usually a private BI will have a lower billing rate than a BI that you hire through an agency. An agency will have a ‘cost’ of having an employee as they have to pay their vacation pay, EI, etc. and the cost of having that employee will be built into their billing rates. You will be able to get more hours of intervention from a private BI per month because usually they are at a lower bill rate. Parents can explore several options to advertise the position. Some of these options include: as advertising in their local newspaper, posting it on community bulletin boards, college and university bulletin boards, or internet job postings.

The Program Manager or Program Supervisor working with your child can assist you with the process of screening and hiring a BI to ensure that you are hiring a knowledgeable individual. They can also then train that private BI on your child’s intervention program. When you employ BIs yourself, you are responsible for obtaining criminal record checks, registering and paying WCB premiums, etc.

If your child is participating in a centre-based program, the BIs will be provided by ABA Learning Centre.

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